Destination Weddings | Grand Haven Beachs | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography:  We had a wonderful time with Jessica and Barry. We pulled up to the adorable cottage they rented in Muskegon by Pere Marquette.  This is where they were getting ready and having the dinner party after.  We then headed to North Shore Beach where Barefoot Weddings had their ceremony site set up.  It was a beautiful day!  We spent some time on the beach taking pictures after and enjoyed a trolley ride back to the cottage.  Jessica had such cute details. I loved the mugs that you could write your names on.  The cake was awesome and tasted awesome which was done by Cakes by Design in Grand Haven.  They had it catered in by The Station Grill.  Wow! Those were some great burgers.  Jessica also had a little photo boot set up outside.  I love that we got to spend so much time with Barry and Jessica taking pictures. After dinner we headed back to the beach to take some pictures on the pier.   It is rare that we have such a chill day!  They had such hospitality we felt like we were sitting among friends and family.

Best Wishes to you both!!!

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Spring Lake Country Club Weddings and Receptions | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography:  I had the pleasure of meeting Glenn first for some corporate pictures and then his lovely finance’ Janaan called me to have a meeting about their upcoming wedding.  Janaan is such nice company! Time past by and I felt like I was hanging out with someone I have known for a long time!  She is  so delightful.  I was looking forward to their day! It was a very heartfelt wedding. There was lots of smiling and laughing.  It was a wedding filled with hope and second chances.  There was a ton of dancing and wonderful appetizers!  I had a wonderful time and was blessed to be a part of it!

Best Wishes to you both!

Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings anderson-1361 Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings aSpring Lake Country Club Weddingsnderson-3338 Spring Lake Country Club Weddings

Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club WeddingsSpring Lake Country Club Weddings anderson-1308 anderson-1753 anderson-1754 Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings Spring Lake Country Club Weddings

Fruitport Golf Course Reception | Grand Haven Weddings | Jamie May Photography


By Jamie May:  Another sweet couple, Lauren and Thomas, are high school sweethearts.  It has been a pleasure to get to know these two. The wedding day was so beautiful.  I loved during the father speech when he mentioned that he couldn’t imagine Thomas not being a part of his life because he feels like he helped raise him. I thought that was so nice and also pretty neat to have known your future son in law so well that you helped shape and mold him! :)   We had a gorgeous day.  Lauren is very organized and that helped everything to run smoothly.  There was always someone that knew what was going to happen next and preparing.  I loved the shoe game, that is always a riot and everyone has fun watching the two try to match their guesses.  We ended the night with a breath-taking sunset.  So happy to be a part of this day with these two wonderful people. Wishing you many more years of happiness!!
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Muskegon Weddings | The Lake House Receptions | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May:   I don’t know how I always get such kind couples to photograph, but I do!   Jen and Jim are so easy to get along with and we were always laughing and having fun.  I love when you sit down at an interview and you just feel like you are sitting down with old friends; Jen and her mom are awesome!   We started the wedding day at a church in Muskegon and then headed over to Heritage Landing and then to the Lake House in Muskegon. I love the Lake House. The food is great there and it is so pretty with all the natural light from the windows and the breathtaking views.  Jen and Jim picked a variety of cakes from a gal from Chicago — yes, that is bacon on the cake. I did not try it, but I heard it was good!  Thank you so much Jen and Jim for hiring me to photograph your wedding!!! So happy for the both of you!!!!! Stay in touch.

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Vintage Weddings | Grand Rapids Michigan | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May:  I am so happy for Kelli and Paul. I have had the privilege of watching these two get proposed and married!  The first time I met Paul, as we were waiting for Kelli to show up on the pier, we just clicked! We found out we even went to the same elementary school!  Then we had the engagement session, which was a riot. Kelli and Paul are so easy to be around.  They had their ceremony at my old school growing up, which was pretty neat to be back in there. The wedding party just had a riot with all the pictures and were always full of many surprises.  We went to GVSU and took some pictures on the ball field because Paul was on the baseball team.  I also appreciated Paul making a speak at the reception.  Usually grooms don’t give a thank you speech and I thought it was very nice.  Kelli had really great details and worked really hard and it all came together beautifully.  They also did a cake smashing contest by whoever had the most money in their jar.  As you can see the groom lost!   Kelli and Paul, it has been a pleasure knowing you this year.  I will miss you guys!! You better call me when you have those babies ;). Love ya!


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Destination Wedding Photography | Jamie May Photography


By Jamie May:  I was excited when Bethany contacted me to photograph her wedding.  She was referred to me from a past client! Those are always so nice because it is good to know you are doing a good job for people!! ;)  They got married at Hideaway Acres in Spring Lake.  They chose this location because they wanted a destination feel to their wedding day.   This was a beautiful spot to get married.  This was the first time that I have been to this location.   It is a person’s residence and you can rent out the back side of the place and it has a indoor pool and everything. It was very nice.   We had a very sunny day which made for some very pretty blue skies in the pictures.  Bethany and Darwin are such a nice couple.  They met on a mission trip!   The reception was at the Harborfront Place in Grand Haven.   The DJ was Movin’ Music.  Wishing you both the very best!!! Thank you for hiring me to be a part of your beautiful day!!! 

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Pavon-1336 Pavon-1370 Pavon-1559 Pavon-8293 Pavon-14755 Pavon-15305 Pavon-15335 Pavon-15355

Pavon-8464 | Wedding Photography | Wedding Photography

What Are Little Girls Made Of? Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice | Jamie May Photography

by Jamie May Photography:   The kids and I were walking through the woods a few weeks ago, and I loved the feeling of Spring in the air.  The trees were starting to bloom and the hope of new life was approaching. More often then not, I am the photographer that doesn’t take time to go the extra mile to take pictures of my own children.  I have so much editing and hours of pictures to look  through so it usually is a very simple picture of my kids.  Shelby is starting to get so old and I knew I only had a brief window left to capture her being playful and having fun. I decided to ask her best friend, Adayla to do a photo session with me.   I had in mind the woods, a tea party, flower crowns and the theme what are little girls made of.  I first went to Skeeter at Eastern Floral to ask him to make me these gorgeous crowns for their hair, the other flowers, and streamers  needed for the photo shoot.  He also decorated the cake with flowers that we got from Ryke’s Bakery and Catering.   Then I asked  an awesome company, named to help me with the decorations and styling.  Hair Design was by Karrie Hutchinson of Rubies Salon, my good friend.  Lastly, I bought the outfits after a lot of debate at Old Navy.  Everything was coming together!!   We found the perfect location and I will let the pictures speak for themselves  to show all the UNBELIEVABLE TALENT of all the vendors involved!!  Thanks everyone for making this vision happen over and beyond anything I could have done on my own. (on a side note: if you want to style you photo session, add-vintage and I have come up with a package to make this happen for you, we will help with the whole process, email me for details)


what little girls are made of? sugar and spice

what little girls are made of? sugar and spice

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The Story Behind the Picture | Jamie May Photography


first look jamie may photography


The Story Behind the Picture

(mostly written by White Dress Events with some editing by Jamie May)


It all started with Jamie May Photography and White Dress Events planning a style photo session with Felt Mansion. They started by hunting for a real couple who deserved a day of pampering.

Well, we didn’t have to search too far to meet John and Tracey Weatherwax.  John and Tracey have such a beautiful and inspiring love story.  They had  just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and NEVER had a real wedding.  Their story goes a bit like this:  John and Tracey met right after they graduated from high school.  John was headed off to the Army and Tracey was off to college but they fell in love quickly.  They spent a lot of time writing letters back and forth and it was in one of those letters that John first told Tracey he wanted to marry her.  After several months, John got his assignment with the Army and it was taking him to Germany.  He of course did not want to leave Tracey behind so he put on his best suit and some cologne, got down on one knee and asked her to marry him…on a payphone! She said yes.  They were married in a civil service with only her dad and sister as witnesses.  They always said that one day they would have a wedding.  Well many things happened over the next 20 years that kept pushing that dream off.  They spent a few years in Germany, and then headed back to the US all while Tracey was trying to finish college.  Finally they decided to begin their family and unfortunately discovered that they were unable to have children.  Of course this was heartbreaking for both of them but they always believed that there was a bigger plan for them.  John and Tracey decided that they would adopt and became an instant family of five when they adopted their three sons…all at once! You can imagine that with three busy boys, that dream of a wedding was put on the back burner for a really long time.


Jamie May Photography and White Dress Events knew that this photo shoot would give them the wedding photos they never had and they were so thrilled to be asked!  Then we got to thinking, why not give them the wedding they never had!  We shared our idea with John (of course I was going to need some help) and asked what he thought about surprising Tracey with a vow renewal ceremony.  John was delighted, so the planning began.  Just a few family members were invited along with their pastor, Doug Bytwerk of First Baptist Church of Spring Lake, who would perform the ceremony. All the while, the details were kept from Tracey who still thought she was the bride in a photo shoot.  We took Tracey dress shopping and she was able to have the experience of trying on gowns and being a bride.  All the vendors who were on board for the photo shoot were even more excited about this project when we shared with them the turn of events.  A surprise vow renewal…how fun!

Here is the video to see the LIVE footage: Video link:   Guarantee to bring chills!!


We shared our story and photographs with Style Me Pretty and their response was, as follows, “We’re big fans of all parties in the wedding category, including a fabulous inspiration shoot. But what you are about to see is something that warmed my heart like no other soiree has ever done. White Dress Events and Jamie May Photography set out to pull together a gorgeous shoot, inspired by the 1920′s – already a good start. But when they found a very deserving couple (a must read, see below) to act as models, they turned the whole shindig around and threw this lovely bride a surprise vow renewal. September’s Bride gussied her up right, and her husband of twenty years couldn’t stop smiling. You won’t be able to either, after one look here.”


Overall, it was a wonderful success with all involved. I am so proud of our local vendors here in West Michigan. So thankful to be a part!



The local wedding vendors were.


Event Coordination & Styling – White Dress Events

Floral Design & Styling – Eastern Floral of Grand Haven

Photography – Jamie May Photography

Venue – Felt Mansion

Stationary – Jamie Lynne Creative

Videographer – Inspiration Video

Wedding Gown, Accessories & Groom’s Attire – September’s Bride

Additional Accessories – What A Gem Jewelry Boutique

Hair & Makeup – Carrie Whiting, Flawlessly Finished Event Artists

Cakes – Second Floor Bakery

Rentals – The Rental Company

Vintage Rentals – Refunction Junktion Vintage Rentals

Models – Real Couple: Tracey & John Weatherwax





Jamie May Photography-3-6 Jamie May Photography-3-9 Jamie May Photography-3-10 Jamie May Photography-3-12 Jamie May Photography-3-28 Jamie May Photography-3-48 Jamie May Photography-3-50 Jamie May Photography-3-55 Jamie May Photography-3-60 Jamie May Photography-3-63 Jamie May Photography-3-66 Jamie May Photography-3-68 Jamie May Photography-3-69 Jamie May Photography-3-73 Jamie May Photography-3-76 Jamie May Photography-3-77 Jamie May Photography-3-78 Jamie May Photography-3-80 Jamie May Photography-3-81 Jamie May Photography-3-83 Jamie May Photography-3-84 Jamie May Photography-3-86 Jamie May Photography-3-89

Jamie May Photography-8247 Jamie May Photography-8258 Jamie May Photography-8304 Jamie May Photography-8306 Jamie May Photography-8324 Jamie May Photography-8395 Jamie May Photography-8401 Jamie May Photography-8413 Jamie May Photography-8429 Jamie May Photography-8545 Jamie May Photography-8575

Do you have Style?! Win a FREE Photo Session with all images on a CD!!

Jamie May Photography-8499

Photo Above Sample: Surprise Vow Renewal – Styled Photo Shoot – Inspiration “Great Gatsby/ Downtown Abby Look”

By Jamie May Photography LLC  :   I  AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS CONTEST!!

Create your vision. Your  ideas captured.  

If you have ever thought I would love to do a styled photo shoot or I have an idea or a cool theme? ….

then this contest may be for you!!  I want to hear your awesome ideas.  This is your vision!!  Set up the props and look/theme you want and I will come and photograph your vision!  I may be able to persuade some local vendors to help if the idea is totally awesome!!

I will be giving away a free photo session and CD with copyrights release to a someone this spring!

How to Win….

1.  Send me your ideas.  I would like included your theme, props you would want to use, outfits and location of where you would like to take the photos.  Locations must be in Michigan in a 30 mile radius of 49417.   Winner will be responsible for props and outfits.  Props are not required, it could just be a very cool theme. It can be simple…like picnic basket. It does not have to be costly.

2. Send me a picture of whom will be in the photo.  The nature of this project is primarily for couples. I am open to hearing ‘family’ ideas, so please don’t hesitate to submit.

3. Submissions need to be send to by April 20, 2015. Please label the subject with your full name and save your pictures with your name also. Winner will be announced on Facebook, but contacted via email or phone by Jamie May Photography,LLC.

4. Not required but appreciated…please share the Facebook link to spread the word about the contest and LIKE Jamie May Photography on Facebook!

That is it!

We can come up with a time that works in our schedules.

I am looking for the best idea and I am soooo excited to see what you come up with.

5. Winners will be chosen by Jamie May Photography, LLC.  The props and outfits must be set up by the winner of the contest before the time of the session.  I will be choosing a runner-up in the event the first selection was unable to implement their idea or changed their mind.

6.  Final images will possibly be submitted to secondary blogs for publishing or commercial purposes on behalf of Jamie May Photography, LLC. Also, may be used for promotion reasons such as Pinterest, personal website, Facebook, etc…

What is in it for you?  Winners will receive a photo session for a mininum of one hour with a CD with copyrights release.  CD will have up to 50 images, but not limited too. Up to a 350.00 Value

After you win…

1. We will need to set up a date and time.

2. Show up and have your idea executed to the best of your ability. We can share ideas and email pictures along the way.  I will be able to help with input if needed.

3. A phone interview/consult may be required.

Winner will be hand selected by Jamie May Photography, LLC.  Models will be required to sign a model release form.  Must be 18 years or older to participate.  This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. This prize is non transferable.  When you submit your picture, you are giving Jamie May Photography, LLC  permission to use your picture on Facebook and Blog for the contest. Participants will not hold Jamie May Photography LLC liable for anything relating to contest that may effect the participant.  You are also acknowledging that Facebook has nothing to do with this contest.
Please email Jamie at  : jamie@jamiemay.cominformation AND please consider sharing this link on Facebook to help spread the word.
I would also LOVE to stay in touch with you and you with us,  so please remember to take a minute and join me on Facebook Jamie May Photography .
Visit for samples of work.