Grand Rapids Wedding Photography | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography:  Liz and Matt’s wedding day was in June.  June is always a very popular month to get married before the hot summer days.   I always recommend booking your photographer a year in advance, especially for June and September weddings.  Liz contacted me from a past referral wedding, which you can view here . Liz and Matt were wonderful to be with. It was like an extension of family. Plus, being from Grand Rapids, they know my family,  and they made me feel right at home.  The church was St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Grand Rapids. I love this church because it has beautiful architecture.  And it looked fantastic with their stunning gold dresses! After the ceremony, we headed down to the Ford Museum for some city photos.  This a fun crowd and we were escorted along with them on their party bus.  We ended at the venue called Studio D2D.  They danced the night away and ate delicious food catered by Catering Concepts.   Some of my favorite hightlights were the bridal party speeches and of course the little flower girl with AMAZING dance moves!   I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Jamie May Photography is a photographer in  the Greater Grand Rapids area.  Contact information : 616-402-5111 and email:


Flowers: studio D2D
Photo Booth: studio D2D
Dj: studio D2D
Bar: distinctive
Food: catering concepts 
Dessert: creative dining experience
MakeUp: Laura Marks / A Davis Brown Salon


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Grand Rapids Weddings | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography: I was really looking forward to seeing Kellen and Britany again!  A couple years ago, I photographed her sisters wedding on the beaches of Grand Haven. Whereas, Britney and Kellen’s wedding was downtown Grand Rapids!  They got married at Douglas Walker Park in Byron Center and had their reception at The B.O.B  .  It was a super rainy day, relentlessly raining!!! We were fortunate to find a great spot to take pictures indoors.  I was happy that the park had an indoor shelter for the ceremony.  I love this family. They are always so warm and welcoming. It is like hanging out with old friends.   Britney looked stunning in her bridal gown!  Kellen was grinning ear to ear, the whole night, as was Britney. I love all of animated expressions! She makes me smile. Hope to see you again! Best Wishes to many happy years!!!


Hitching Post Weddings | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography:  

Some days are rainy, but they always work out on a wedding day.  Melissa and Kyle got married and had their reception at the Hitching Post Events.  This venue has a nice indoor location for the ceremony and a beautiful outdoor location.  The rain did stop for a small window, and we went out by the barn to get some of the rustic, photos that we were all hoping for.  Melissa’s family hired us based on a wedding we did six year prior. We sat by them at a reception during dinner.  They were so sweet to remember us and to call. I was so flattered and thankful.  Melissa and Kyle had a packed party. You can tell this couple is well loved.  There was a lot of laughing and dancing. Wishing you many more hunting and fishing years together!!!  xoxoxox

Muskegon Wedding Photographer | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography:   I met with Julia and her dad one day to learn more about her wedding, where I was told the reception would have a lot of festive activities to bring in both cultures.  I was so excited to see what this meant!  As you can see Jose’s family traditions include:  pinning money to the bride and groom and some chair lifting, knock the groom over, game and then of course the traditional garter toss and first dances, etc.   It was a fun filled night.  I loved that they did a first look, and we had so much time to walk around the charming, downtown area of Muskegon. We also had a fair share of time St. Mary’s Catholic church, to photograph the bride and groom with some of the architecture and stain glass windows inside.  As you can see from the pictures, this was a fun crowd, who made all my ideas come even more to life!!  I was so blessed to be a part of you Julia and Jose’s wedding day!!!  Wishing you many more wonderful years of marriage!!  xoxx0x0x



West Michigan Wedding Photographer | Jamie May Photographer

By Jamie May Photography:  Brittany and Kevin got married and had their reception at Wabasis Lake Park. I have never been there before, it has a cute log-cabin lodge to have the reception, tucked away in a rustic, charming setting.  I think it is so clever when people get married at county parks, usually there is an indoor /outdoor option in case it rains.  There were also many scenic picturesque opportunities! This was a great group of people. I love that everyone was so fun and easy-going.  It was such an enjoyable evening. I know that Brittany and Kevin have been together for quite some time, but you would never know it, as they looked each other with a very fresh, young love!   I am so happy that Brittany and Kevin finally tied the knot!!! (and did you know you could customize converse? so cool).  Thanks for hiring me to be a part of your day! x0x0x




Railside Golf Club Weddings | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography:  Greg and Taylor got married at Railside Golf Club in Byron Center. 

This was the hottest wedding of the late summer/early fall, not what anyone expected!  I have never been to Railside and it was a nice place to have a wedding and a reception. They put up a tent near the building and have heaters (which weren’t necessary this day).  But would be perfect for an outdoor option if rain or cold weather were to happen on your wedding day.  Taylor is so smiley and bubbly. She and her girls were a blast to be around.  It was wonderful that they did a first look, one of my favorite things to do on the wedding day.  Greg was all smiles when he saw  Taylor for the first time. And how about that lipstick on Taylor, gorgeous!   Everything went smooth all day and it was a beautiful night for a wedding.  They ended the night sending off some lanterns.  Best Wishes to you both! Wishing you many more years together!!! xx0x0x0

Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography:  The flowers!! That was one of the many beautiful details at this gorgeous wedding. Spread throughout the whole reception area, big, beautiful boutiques of flowers done by Shelly’s Designs Florist.  And the cheesecakes! Did you know they make cookie dough cheesecake, with a scoop of cookie dough on top of the cheesecake, fantastic!! Okay, so I loved Molly’s details a little, OK, A LOT!  Another totally awesome fyi, is that Charles and Molly’s mothers are best friends.  I have never seen two moms so happy for a wedding, ever!  They were so cute, they kept looking at each other and becoming teary.  Molly and Charles got married at St. Alphonsus Catholic church. This church has so much history in the architecture with the beams and the beautiful windows.  After we headed into downtown Grand Rapids for some pictures in the city.  We were on a bus with this large wedding party and there was never a dull moment!  Of course every one danced the night away. Wishing you many more happy and healthy years together!!!! x0x0x

Grand Rapids Weddings | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography: Toni and Grant got married in downtown Grand Rapids on a super hot day! We were running back and forth between outside and air condition, just to cool off for a minute.   We do hire out hourly sometimes and this was one of the times when our services were not needed as long.   Toni and Grant had amazing appertizers and desserts after their wedding with close family and friends.  They are so sweet, I love how happy they make each other and how giggly they get when they look at each other.  Wishing you many more years of happiness! x0x0xx


Michigan Weddings | Jamie May Photographer

By Jamie May Photography: I have known Lisa and Jeff, parents of the groom for some time, they were trusting, open-minded people that trusted a girl, young in her 20s to sell their home.  They are so uplifting and kind, and I was thrilled when Erica, the bride, reached out to me to photograph their  wedding.  It is always nice to have referrals from friends and family; really it is the only way that you can be sure you are doing a good job for people.  To me, referrals are one of the kindest acts shown to me with being self-employed, because you then know people care about you, too.  That being said, the day was like hanging out with family, I love all the familiar faces and catching up with them all.  Erica has been the most ambitious bride I have seen yet. She was savvy in her wedding planning. She found a wonderful spot for all the lodging and the wedding and reception to take place, with beautiful views of Lake Michigan.  I also am a big fan of these three things: 1. White tent weddings 2. Weddings and Receptions at the same location 3. And beautiful flowers.  All the above were true of this wedding.  These curly things you see in the wedding flowers….. yeah, those are real. It is called curled ferns. So cool.  Wishing you both many more happy years, I am so excited for the both of you!!! xoxoxo


Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography:

Liz and Matt!  Love these two.  We started the day at the downtown condo.   I loved the exposed brick and built in cabinets, such a cool spot to take pics.  There were lots of laughs and tears, as Liz and her bridesmaids got ready for the day. Next was the ceremony site, St. James Church. The Catholic church had the most beautiful architecture and I love all the doors. It was a lovely place to get married. We made many stops along the way to in between the ceremony and the reception. This was the first time I took pictures at the Grand Valley State University, downtown location. I loved it there!  We did the normal spots, such as the blue bridge, but never have I navigated up to the top of a building. It was a blast to have so much time with Liz and Matt and to get so many awesome pictures, plus did you see the sky that day?! Just perfect.  They are good company and we had many laughs.  Of course the party was just getting started as we headed over to the reception at Studio D2D  for a bunch of crazy dancing and a lit up dance floor! Wishing you many happy more years Matt and Liz! It was a pleasure. xoxox