West Michigan Wedding Photographer – Fruitport Golf Course

If you read any details on my website, you would have read that I have a business partner in wedding photography.  Since there are two of us and we are doing weddings, we thought 10.8 would be an appropriate name.  It is from the Bible Mark 10:8.  And the two shall be come one….  We want people to still be directed to my website so that is why the Jamie May is tagged onto the logo. 🙂  I need a cool name like that for all the rest of my photography. 🙂

Laura and I had a wonderful time in Fruitport on Saturday.  The weather was so sunny without a cloud in the sky!   Fruitport golf course was a lovely place to have a wedding.   Laura and I arrived at 3 to begin photographing the bride and bridesmaids.  Laura and I are so efficient together,  I am amazed at how much we can get done!

Tiffany was so calm, I think I was more nervous then she was. We then were able to photograph the groom and groomsmen before the wedding too and a few family photos.  People started coming around 4 and we got in our positions.  Laura was able to stand in the front of the ceremony, and I was in the back.    The weather was so hot, we were dripping with sweat, but the ceremony was only 20 minutes so it was perfect.

This is the first blog of many more to come from this wedding day.   We have around 800 photos to give them. Here are a few of my favorites so far (I tried to put this in order of events, but apparently I can not move the pictures around):


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