Wedding in Fruitport – Part 2 – Wedding photographer in Grand Haven

Some ceremony pictures at Fruitport Golf Course.  I love the coloring a sunny day brings.  We were able to get the blue -blues and the green -greens.  So pretty.   I love all the details at the ceremony.  They had beautiful flowers in flower beds going down the aisle with lanterns.  Since there are two of us, I was able to get some unique angles of the ceremony, knowing that Laura is taking some more traditional pictures.  I love that!  Having two photographers is priceless in my opinion.  The variety of photos and the different styles.  It is like having extra insurance on your wedding day for pictures — which is to me, one of the most important elements of the day. Tiffany and Clay are such beautiful people.  They make all the photos look wonderful!  She has the most gorgeous hair and flawless skin!!!  More pictures to come!  ……

I am struggling with how to get ads off my blog – so if there is some lame ad attached to this blog post it is not from me.


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