High School Senior Photographer – www.jamiemay.com

I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS SENIOR!   Sarah is so sweet and fun.  I am so thankful she called me to take her senior pictures.  She found me on the internet which is always so neat and flattering because she picked me out of all the photographers out there!  What a blessing to me!  I had a wonderful time getting to know her mom and sister.  I felt a connection with her mom because we have a some similarities that you don’t usually find. So it was great to hear her story about how she became a Christian and I was able to share my story too.  We had a 3 hour session, stopping at 4-5 locations so we spent a lot of time together, and I am sure her cheeks hurt from smiling. She is a beautiful girl.  I was admiring her beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows!  Very Stunning pictures Sarah – You are lovely inside and out!  Blessing to you and thanks again for choosing me as your photographer!!!! I think you will have over 200 pictures to choose from that are spectacular!

P.S I love photographing high school seniors – it is one of my favorites! So please share this link ~

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