Family portraits – Grand Haven Photographer

Another great day at the beach!  It was a busy holiday weekend. People were coming on the pier in flocks!   I was happy it didn’t rain on us because we were a little worried.  I came back from up North and went to the job an hour early, probably covered in worms from fishing with the boys ~ but it was worth it in the event of beating the rain!

I have been taking these boys pictures for a couple years now or maybe more!  I remember when they were 2-3 year olds and busy as ever!  Now they look at me and say, “Were ready to do the fun stuff!”  ~ Like climbing on rocks and running down the pier.  They know how pictures are done now.  They are use to me 🙂  We did just have a great,  easy-going time;  adventuring rocks that I have never climbed before!!

Thanks Vicki and family!!  They are getting so big and  you have a beautiful family.  I told my husband your family makes my pictures look good!


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