Engagement photography – Jamie May Photography

I feel like a crazy person today! I am working on 2 computers, trying to get work done as efficiently as I can!

We had a beautiful weekend and Michigan which made for some wonderful pictures.  I met Dave and Saeeda to photograph their engagment.  There sweet mother decided to surprise them with a engagement session for their congratulations!   We had a two hour session and we decided to go to two locations!  Dave and Saeeda were so much fun to work with and were so patient with me since I had them running with a suitcase in the first 5 minutes.  Confirming the statement above, I am a crazy person 😉

They are a gorgeous couple and we captured some amazing moments between the two of them that will just melt your heart.   I love the way they just look at each other and he was so sweet and kept giving her more kisses then I required!

Thanks Dave and Saeeda ~  You two make a wonderful couple!

~hope to post some more later…

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