Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer – 10.8 Wedding Photography

I had a wonderful engagement session with Jen and Kelvin.  Jen is such a trooper, and you to Kelvin 🙂 .  It was 2:30 and it started to sprinkle as I was leaving to go to the session.  I called Jen and she decided to attempt the pictures anyways.  She was well- prepared with lots of fun props and ideas (which I love when my brides contribute to the session — it shows their personality even more so! ) .  The colors outside were so beautiful.  The rain made a pastel color in the background and very soft images.  So we accomplished what we needed to in no time!  And the last 15 minutes or so the rain really picked up.  We did our best to finish with trying to not get equipment wet and our hair to frizzy! My hair doubled in size by the time we were done, so I am totally impressed with how Jen’s hair stayed so nice!!

I am so looking forward to the wedding!!  Thanks Jen and Kelvin!!


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