Grand Rapids Photographer – 10.8 Wedding Photography

Ashlie and Andrew were one of  the couples that won a free engagement session at the wedding walk in Grand Haven.  It was my privilege to meet them and to be able to photograph their engagement pictures.  They are a beautiful couple – inside and out!

I was so excited when Ashlie was so excited about pictures.  We bounced back some ideas about what to bring and she showed out with several fun props for the pictures!

We decided to meet at North Shore Beach in Grand Haven / Spring Lake.  It has been the first time I have been there for pictures and not gone directly to the beach! In fact we didn’t even go down to the water!  We spent our time at the dune area.  They have a wonderful stairway going up the dune which was very handy!  I remember when those stair weren’t there and people used to climb the side up the dune.  In fact, that is where my brother in law proposed to his wife!

There were a lot of very cool spots to take pictures, and we had a fun time stopping along the way.  The day was so mild. I just couldn’t even believe it was only a few days to January and we could take pictures without coats!  The was no wind! When we got to the very top the sun came out!  So we were able to get some pretty blue skies in our pictures too!

Ashlie and Andrew sound like they have a lot going for them! I am so excited for the both of them on their engagement!

Thanks Ashlie and Andrew!!  Have fun in GA!!!


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