Grand Rapids Wedding Photography – 10.8 Wedding Photography by Jamie May

What  a gorgeous couple!   Wow, they make my pictures look good!  We had a beautiful day in Grand Haven. The sun was bright and the skies were blue, IN JANUARY!   Who would have thought?  Well we made our way around the downtown area of Grand Haven.  We had so many cool ideas to fit in, and we had a blast doing it.  Sheila and Jordan came all the way from Lansing to take pictures with me! I was so flattered and completely excited to photograph their wedding.  Sheila told me they are having a Nautical them and we thought the pier would be a great place to coordinate with her theme.  Thanks so much Sheila and Jordan – You two make an awesome ‘toad’, I mean ‘couple.’  Hee, Hee!

Thanks for reading!  Feel free to pin these to pinterest!! 🙂

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Loving the colors!

I am amazed at how high Jordan can get Sheila in the air.  Higher than this picture!


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