Growing pains! I guess that is a good thing?!

I have been struggling with this decision for awhile. I have been calling ‘the struggle’ the identity crisis!

I didn’t even know how to identify myself as a business when people asked me what it was called 😉  .  I would just say to search Jamie May.    So tonight after a nice conversation with a marketing woman,  I decided to just do it.  My new name  is going to be Jamie May Photography, which I believe 90% of my business is identified that way anyways.  Still this is painful.  Mostly because of Facebook, they do not let you change your business name after 50 likes.  What a bummer!

I never expected to grow so fast as a business. We have 18 weddings booked this year and I am getting calls for 2013!  So cool!   So my hope is that my fans on facebook will continue to follow me and suggest me to their friends because they have been happy with my services and enjoy looking at my photography.  I am in the works of planning some cool giveaways along the way.  There is just so much to learn about doing things the right way on facebook.

So ultimately, the goal is to merge the two names : J.May Photo and Design and 10.8 Wedding Photography to just Jamie May Photography.

Thanks to those that stick with me through my growing pains.  I do not want to change names again after this.  So the switch will be for the long haul.

Here is the link to my new facebook page.  Please help me not look pathetic and like my page one more time!!


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