Couple # 1 Jill + Roy


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We originally met when we were 13 and I moved schools (back in 1983).
We attended catechism classes together, and eventually started talking to one another during school time.
We became good friends, hanging out. When we were older, we worked together at McD’s and eventually became boyfriend and girlfriend. Not exactly sure why that ended, but both of us will admit that we never stopped thinking about one another.
I did a lot of moving around between graduation June 1988 and leaving the Army and returning to Michigan October 1996. I finally settled where I am now and remained in the same place for 16 years.
He also did a lot of moving around, but we never ran across one another or kept in touch. I would occasionally drop in and visit his mother, who would in turn tell him that I had stopped by.
We finally “found” one another again on Facebook September 2009. We chatted online and eventually set a coffee date. For the first time in many, many years we were to be face to face again.
The evening went very well, pretty much picking right up where we left off and catching up on the years.
We eventually compared time lines to see where one another was during all the years. SO many times we were within miles or even 200 yards of one another and not knowing it.
Where I lived for 16 years has a gas station across the road. Many times he would stop there to refuel when he went to visit his dad. Circumstances never brought us to meet. Until 2009.
We have been with one another ever since, knowing it was where we were supposed to be!
He proposed on December 23, 2011 at the same coffee shop we met at back in 2009. He said that that is where it began again for us and it seemed like the fitting location.
I, of course, couldn’t say no and we have set this July 7th as our wedding date!!

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