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Marissa found out that she was accepted in to MSU’s School of Veterinary Medicine on the Wednesday before the proposal. Travis was so excited and proud of her that he told her that on Friday he was taking her out to “wine and dine” her. On Friday, Travis picked her up and ate dinner at the Stillwater Grill in Okemos, MI. Afterward, Marissa assumed they were going to head to Farm House (Trav’s Fraternity) because she knew some of his old friends were in town. When they didn’t head that way Marissa asked where they were going. Travis explained that he was so proud of her and he had booked a hotel room where they could rent movies, go swimming and just hang out for once. Marissa was thinking it was kind of strange but chalked it up as one of Travis’s attempts to be “romantic.” Travis opened the door of the hotel and led Marissa into the pitch black where he started dancing with her. Then he stopped and said “Marissa we have so much to be thankful for”. Travis began to pray for both of them talking about how they were both blessed to have wonderful, caring families and then ended with please bless my new fiancé. Marissa’s head shot up at that and Travis turned on a black light. On the wall in fluorescent paint (only seen with black light) it said “Marry Me?” and Marissa saw Travis on his knee. After the sobs (of joy ( : ) ended she finally could say yes! …Immediately the two left to go tell Marissa’s family!! …. So if you’re ever staying in a hotel in Okemos and have a black light … Its still on the wall!!
Travis did ask Marissa’s father and grand-father for permission to marry her!!

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