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This particular weekend had been planned weeks in advance. For roller coasters. Harrison and I had made plans to go to Cedar point on the 13th of August with some good friends. But as luck would have it (Good luck for me, since a) I don’t like roller coasters and b) this would be a weekend I will never forget), the weather forecast for the weekend mentioned nothing but rain.

So we cancelled our trip. With a free weekend now available, we thought let’s just go somewhere! It’s not very often I get entire weekends off, so we started coming up with different ideas as to where to go. Among the discussion, Harrison’s parent’s mentioned they had a room up on Mackinac Island if we wanted, it was ours! Deal!

So Saturday morning comes around and off we go! The entire ride up was nothing but rain, but we were on vacation and took in every moment. When we arrived to the boat dock that would take us to the island, we were just seconds from catching the ferry. Before I even realized what was happening, we were loaded onto the ferry, taken for a choppy ride across the water, and onto the island.

When we got to the Island our bags were taken up to our hotel, while we had lunch at a local pub some soup and sandwiches. We walked what seemed miles in a drizzling rain to our hotel. Once in our room, we discovered our bags had yet to be brought up. Harrison got anxious, wondering if he should go look for them. I told him I’m sure they would be up any moment, just relax. But of course he insisted on going off to look for them. Just as he was heading out the door, our bags were coming down the hall! Yes! Dry clothes!

After getting washed up and dressed, the rain had stopped so we decided to go for a walk around downtown. Despite the couple drops of rain here and there, checking out all the cool shops was great. Toward the edge of town we saw the prettiest entrance to the Carriage House. So we made dinner reservations and continued walking around.

When dinnertime rolled around, we were ready to eat! It was such a pretty restaurant with a piano player playing music right behind us. It was perfect for us because we love listening to live music. The food was wonderful and the desert was even better! We relaxed just listening to music and nibbling on our desert. It was so peaceful!

When we finished our dinner we walked outside to discover that the sun was coming just enough to shine a rainbow across the water next to the restaurant’s park. I pointed it out and Harrison pulled me out closer to the waters edge so we could see it better. As we stood there, he took my hand and turned to look at me. With a smile on his face, he says he loves me. I looked back and him and next thing I realize he’s on his knee. Through giant tears of overwhelming joy, I say yes! It was a moment to overwhelming with joy and excitement; I will never forget the feeling. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life!


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