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Since the day that I met Paul he has been my best friend. A friend when I needed one, a friend to complain to, to share laughs and hugs, and successes. He has always put my needs and wants and feelings in front of his own. He is interested in the things that I enjoy (bike rides, going to the beach), and understands that my family is the
most important thing to me. He cheered me in through my graduating semester of school, reassured me when I began looking for my career, and above all else, made the precious little time  we had together special (both of us now work third shift). So, that being said, I thought nothing of it when he planned a weekend trip for us. We had both been so busy working that time together was seldom and  having  alone time was even less likely to occur. He did not tell me where we were going, only told me what to pack. It wasn’t until we put the address in the gps that I found out our destination was Mackinac Island. The whole drive up I knew we were going to have an amazing time. He got us an amazing hotel room with a giant jacuzzi and we spent the whole first night getting dinner and watching the Tiger’s game (one of our favorite things since the tiger’s game was our first date)!  The next morning he said he had all these special things planned. And he did! Amazing for a man to plan-right?! We hopped on the ferry and he rented bikes for us. We took our own personal tour of the island. We hiked and climbed and biked and explored. When we stopped on the pebble beach to take a break I noticed how strange he began acting. I shook it off. Maybe he was tired? He put his arms around me for what seemed like  forever. And then, so amazingly unexpectedly to me, he began telling me how much I mean to him, how happy I have made him. Like a movie playing in front of me, I was being propose to by the most amazing and loving man! All girls picutre this wonderful speech being made  to them-and it was perfect!!! I had no words and basically was still so surprised “Really? Really?? REALLY? Shut up, are you serious!?” Was all that I could get out!! I was shaking and smiling and crying and laughing! “YES! Oh my gosh YES!!!!!” It was the most intimate and wonderful and beautiful thing I could have ever imagined! This picture means so much to me because I will never forget how this perfect moment, on an amazingly beautiful day was planned for me by my incredible man. I called my family moments later and they explained how Paul had come over and asked their permission, and they knew all along!!


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