Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer – Jamie May Photography

Heidi and Matt!  Jill and I had a wonderful time with Matt, Heidi and their family and friends.  We were laughing so hard on our ride from Shelby to Grand Haven in the RV.  They got married in a very cute, quaint church in Shelby.  I love that they had  such a small, intimate wedding too – only their family and closest friends (60 people maybe?). If I could do it over, I would so do it that way!  After the ceremony,  we headed over to the reception at Grand Haven Golf Course.  Her sister gave a hilarious speech, well once she found it! Prior to that pulling out from her dress: a diaper, jock strap, hair ball, flamingo, harmonica, and yes,  the copy of the speech.  Heidi’s sister are a hoot! They are so funny and they don’t hold anything back!! 🙂

I will have to get the name of who did their desserts because it was cheesecake and it was AWESOME!  Definitely another favorite part of my job!  🙂   The goal at the end of the wedding was to set off a bunch of lanterns, but unfortunately it was too windy and we thought we were going to set a tree on fire with the tester !

Best of luck Heidi and Matt! I am so happy for you and thank you for letting us be a part of your day!!!

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