Wedding Photographer – Jamie May Photography

Tim and Liz got married in Flint, MI.   We started with an early morning. The day always starts off pretty relaxed and then all the sudden the day starts rolling and flying by!  I have never been in Flint, MI before.  There was a lot of pretty spots that Liz wanted to have her picture by. So we got the short tour of Flint.  The wedding was at a local Catholic church that was just gorgeous and huge inside!  The reception was at The Flint Institute of Arts. I would highly recommend this location. It was awesome. There is an outside courtyard where the cocktail hour was, a separate room for dinning and another room attached for dancing.  It was a stunning place surrounded in all the beautiful art work.  Liz did a fantastic job with all the details.  A couple  things that I loved and thought were very nice personal touches: the polaroid guest book and the ceremony program (each page was dedicated to each person in the wedding, telling about their friendship, how they met and what they did)! It was so nice, detailed and thoughtful.  As I mentioned on Facebook, the grand entrance of the wedding party was so fun and creative.  Some of the different skits the bridal party did were:  dirty dancing (the jump and lift), acting like they were on a boat, handing out their number to the miniature bridesmaid, dancing, and more.  Very fun!!!

Thanks Liz and Tim! We had a blast and all your friends and family were great!

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