Wedding Photographer Grand Rapids Area – Jamie May Photographer

Jacqui and Steve got married! They had a vintage theme, and it was very beautiful!  The bridesmaids flowers each had a  monogram with their initial on it. They were very pretty and what a fun idea!  We started with the guys, and they were just a riot. We had fun with them and they were very willing to keep taking pictures while we were waiting for the ladies to get ready.  Steve and Jacqui are very comfortable in front of the camera which makes my job easy 🙂 . I love how smiley both of them are! They both were so delightful and it showed throughout their pictures. And it was clear how much they were in love and happy to be getting married!!  Often times I think what the heck are my kids going to be like when they get married and what is their wedding going to be like.  I hope it is just like theirs –  Christ centered!

Before the ceremony they had people write on rocks and then during the ceremony they took the two buckets of the groom’s side and bride’s side and combined them into one bucket.  It was a cool and different idea.

So happy for the both of you!!

Best Wishes!!!


2 thoughts on “Wedding Photographer Grand Rapids Area – Jamie May Photographer

  1. Your photographs are beautiful Jamie!
    I will be contacting you later this year.Hannah will be making her 1st communion next May 😀

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