Wedding Pictures in Grand Haven – Jamie May Photography

We finally had a break in the weather for Kristin and Derrick’s wedding!  There was a very nice breeze! Thank goodness because we had a great time taking lots of pictures!!!  Everyone was so great and kind to us.  It is so nice when everyone is cooperative and fun.   They had their wedding in Central Park in Grand Haven.  It is so pretty in that park. I just Love ceremony pictures there.  After the ceremony we headed to the Frauenthal in Muskegon.  It is very pretty there. The street was very quiet and the room that the reception was at had a little of windows on one side of the room.  I love that they had a dessert table with all sorts of goodies on it.  She also made homeade jam to pass out as a thank you to her guest. She also had her guest sign some wine bottles marked for their anniversary.  They also had a very precious daughter that was dancing the night away on the dance floor!!  What a cutie!!  We had a great time and are so thankful we could be apart of your day!

Congratulations and Best Wishes!!


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