Grand Rapids Weddings – Jamie May Photography




We had a beautiful day with Lucas and Brooke!  There are such a super sweet couple! We started the day off at the dollhouse salon, it was a super cute salon in Kentwood, MI.  We came at the tail-end of the girls getting there hair done, and then headed to the church to start some pre-ceremony pictures.  I can not get over how beautiful each and every bridesmaids and the bride’s eyes are ! They were just sparkling in all these pictures!   They were a very fun group!  After the ceremony we headed over to a park for some pictures and the reception was at the Pinnacle Center. This was a very pretty spot to have a wedding reception. I felt like the lighting was very nice in there for pictures.  I have to say that I think Brooke and Lucas’s wedding took first place on how many times they made the them kiss at the head table!  😉

Brooke and Lucas you guys are awesome! I am so happy to know you and to share in your day!  I always am so blessed to get the most wonderful brides. Brooke was extra considerate to let us know when she was all set for us to go.

Oh some good ideas Brooke had, she put some ‘I do ‘ stickers on the bottom of her shoes.  She also made a tank top with some stick-on/iron-one letters to make a Ms. shirt.  She had frames down the center aisle of the ceremony with pictures of them as they were growing up (you know those head shots we all get in school ) 😉



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