Holland Wedding Photographer – Jamie May







So I was in a bit of a panic heading to this wedding Saturday because it was raining and dark and appearing as though that is what it was going to do all day -rain!  I was so excited when the rain stopped after the ceremony! It was perfect timing!!  Cas had a trolley ready for pick-up and we headed to Windmill Island.  It is so beautiful there!  I could have spent hours taking pictures. I didn’t want to stop!! 🙂  She also had a beautiful tent reception. I love white tent receptions.  I think it always has the best lighting!  It was a gorgeous ceremony with multiple types of live music.  It was wonderful! I just LOVED there family. Everyone was always smiling and seemed to be filled with much JOY!  Cas’s grandma also has tons of moves on the dance floor and was not stopping!  That must be why she is in such great shape!!  I just love the whole wedding party!  Harrison is quite a goof ball and so are his friends!!  🙂  So FUN!  I just feel in love with all these pictures! Cas and Harrison, thank you for hiring us to share in your day! It was lovely!!!!!!!

Best Wishes!!


2 thoughts on “Holland Wedding Photographer – Jamie May

  1. WOW! So much creativity here, loved all the photos! I am sure Cas and Harrison will be very happy with these!

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