Weddings in Grand Haven Michigan – Jamie May Photography




I was so thrilled when the rain stopped for Amanda and Paul’s wedding!  They had their ceremony outside and it was so beautiful!  The setting at the Trillium in Spring Lake was so awesome!   This was a very fun, easy -going group of friends and family.  Amanda and Paul saw each other beforehand so we were able to just have fun all day! We went downtown and spent some time taking pictures around town and then went into the Kirby for some fun bar pictures.  Amanda had a ton of picture ideas and it was so much fun to execute them.  We then headed back to the ceremony location where the reception was going to be too.  After the lovely ceremony, we had  a few more pictures with grandmas and then got ready for the reception!! The food was so good and I have to say that the Trillium had the best kiddie cocktails. I always get one every weekend at weddings. 🙂  One of my favorite moments at the ceremony was during the father-daughter dance.  Amanda and her dad were dancing as normal and then all of the sudden the music changed and they started ‘breaking down’ on the dance floor. It was awesome!  Amanda has two sisters and it is so cool how tight they all are two each other. Her sisters went above and beyond, making fun props and helping her for her wedding day.  Everyone was so kind and had so much fun which always makes my job easy! 🙂

I am so happy for Amanda and Paul !! Congratulations guys!!



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