Grand Rapids Weddings – Jamie May Photography

I am going to try a new strategy for blogging, which would be to write sooner than later!  Weddings are so beautiful and fantastic and each of them are so unique.  So I am writing this before the editing, so that it is all fresh in my memory!!

Steve and Marie – what beautiful people inside and out. We started out being a bit concerned about the weather because it was not looking to be in our favor.  I was so glad that Marie’s attitude was so positive.  She wanted to go outside as much as she could because she knew that was the best pictures.  I also love that her and Steve chose to see each other before the weather, especially in the winter when daylight is very limited! So we had plenty of time to work with any hiccups in the day (!)  Another reason I love them seeing each other is that it is so much more relaxed, they are relaxed…they don’t have a ton of pictures to take after the wedding.  People always ask me my opinion and my vote is always to see each other if you can.   I totally respect whatever couples decide, either way!

I have never seen so many people dancing on the dance floor at this wedding. It was 95% of the guest.  It was awesome.    I also LOVE that the parents had a surprise dance.  We all thought that the dance was a slow dance (this is how it started), with in 45 seconds the song changed up. Songs ranged from Dirty Dancing theme song, to a bunch of other well known songs. They were getting down with dancing and it was hilarious and awesome.  Very fun.

Marie and Steve had other good ideas.  They got a tree drawing off Etsy and had everyone stamp it and write their names.  They also used old windows to write the table assignments on.

So thankful to be a part of your wedding! Thanks for hiring me!!

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