Model Search | Jamie May Photography and White Dress Events

by Jamie May :

Thank you to all that participated in the Couple Model Search! All the stories were wonderful, it was so fun to read all of the them!  Cassie and I had a hard time choosing, but we decided to bless a couple that never had a wedding before!

Here is the story that was submitted!!  Congratulations John and Tracey!

John and I met at our high school senior party. Actually, since our high school was so small, we knew each other by name, but had never officially met. We were sitting by a large bonfire and John pushed me off a log to start a conversation with me (a fact he denies to this day). We dated throughout the summer and in September, I went off to college and he left for the Army. We had decided to try to make it work as a long distance relationship, which was so difficult as we lived in two very different worlds. We found out John was being stationed in Germany at Christmas. So, in January, we decided to get married. We thought we would have a wedding the following Christmas. Then we found out there was a waiting list for married housing of at least six months before you obtained housing and you had to be married to be on the list! We spontaneously decided to get married in Maryland (where John was stationed) at the Justice of the Peace with the hope we would have a December wedding. I asked my Dad to drive me there. For some reason he agreed (perhaps he thought he could talk me out of it) and my older sister decided to come along as well. We had an eclectic weekend wedding with a snow storm causing us to return early, early Sunday morning for Michigan.
I left John that Sunday and did not see him again until August when he got housing. I was so excited, we decided being together was more important than a wedding. We thought we would have a wedding at 5 years, then 10, and it just never happened. We just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  We would love being a part of this photo shoot to give us the chance to have photos of a wedding we never had.

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