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By Jamie May:  I was excited when Bethany contacted me to photograph her wedding.  She was referred to me from a past client! Those are always so nice because it is good to know you are doing a good job for people!! 😉  They got married at Hideaway Acres in Spring Lake.  They chose this location because they wanted a destination feel to their wedding day.   This was a beautiful spot to get married.  This was the first time that I have been to this location.   It is a person’s residence and you can rent out the back side of the place and it has a indoor pool and everything. It was very nice.   We had a very sunny day which made for some very pretty blue skies in the pictures.  Bethany and Darwin are such a nice couple.  They met on a mission trip!   The reception was at the Harborfront Place in Grand Haven.   The DJ was Movin’ Music.  Wishing you both the very best!!! Thank you for hiring me to be a part of your beautiful day!!! 

Pavon-0261Pavon-0279Pavon-0297Pavon-0336Pavon-0341Pavon-0357Pavon-0370Pavon-0452Pavon-0504Pavon-0510Pavon-0541Pavon-0590Pavon-0625Pavon-0670Pavon-0867Pavon-7812Pavon-7866Pavon-795758Pavon-8163 Pavon-8128 Pavon-8090 Pavon-1073 Pavon-1125 Pavon-1113 Pavon-1032 Pavon-1014

Pavon-1243 Pavon-1262 Pavon-1311 Pavon-8264 Pavon-8266 Pavon-8267 Pavon-8268 Pavon-132556

Pavon-1336 Pavon-1370 Pavon-1559 Pavon-8293 Pavon-14755 Pavon-15305 Pavon-15335 Pavon-15355

Pavon-8464 | Wedding Photography | Wedding Photography


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