Vintage Weddings | Grand Rapids Michigan | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May:  I am so happy for Kelli and Paul. I have had the privilege of watching these two get proposed and married!  The first time I met Paul, as we were waiting for Kelli to show up on the pier, we just clicked! We found out we even went to the same elementary school!  Then we had the engagement session, which was a riot. Kelli and Paul are so easy to be around.  They had their ceremony at my old school growing up, which was pretty neat to be back in there. The wedding party just had a riot with all the pictures and were always full of many surprises.  We went to GVSU and took some pictures on the ball field because Paul was on the baseball team.  I also appreciated Paul making a speak at the reception.  Usually grooms don’t give a thank you speech and I thought it was very nice.  Kelli had really great details and worked really hard and it all came together beautifully.  They also did a cake smashing contest by whoever had the most money in their jar.  As you can see the groom lost!   Kelli and Paul, it has been a pleasure knowing you this year.  I will miss you guys!! You better call me when you have those babies ;). Love ya!


Straub-2745 Straub-2767 Straub-28085 Straub-28525 Straub-28605 Straub-28775 Straub-28925 Straub-29575







straub-1961 straub-1951 straub-1969


straub-2138 straub-25005 straub-24845 straub-24795 straub-8810 straub-8786 straub-2506 straub-2492 straub-2424 straub-2402 straub-2275 straub-2244 straub-2175

straub-2280 straub-2375 straub-2392 straub-2407 straub-2435 straub-2451

straub-2566 straub-2574 straub-2583 straub-2587 straub-2593 straub-2637 straub-2670 straub-2713 straub-2855 straub-2859 straub-9037 straub-9038 straub-9109



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