Muskegon Weddings | The Lake House Receptions | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May:   I don’t know how I always get such kind couples to photograph, but I do!   Jen and Jim are so easy to get along with and we were always laughing and having fun.  I love when you sit down at an interview and you just feel like you are sitting down with old friends; Jen and her mom are awesome!   We started the wedding day at a church in Muskegon and then headed over to Heritage Landing and then to the Lake House in Muskegon. I love the Lake House. The food is great there and it is so pretty with all the natural light from the windows and the breathtaking views.  Jen and Jim picked a variety of cakes from a gal from Chicago — yes, that is bacon on the cake. I did not try it, but I heard it was good!  Thank you so much Jen and Jim for hiring me to photograph your wedding!!! So happy for the both of you!!!!! Stay in touch.

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3 thoughts on “Muskegon Weddings | The Lake House Receptions | Jamie May Photography

  1. Jamie, we are so very happy with the pictures! You have totally captured the day for us to remember always! I especially love the pictures of all the couples and groups of people. Everyone looks so happy! I appreciate your creativity, your calm friendly manner and your awesome photography skills. You are the best! Thank you!

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