Fruitport Golf Course Reception | Grand Haven Weddings | Jamie May Photography


By Jamie May:  Another sweet couple, Lauren and Thomas, are high school sweethearts.  It has been a pleasure to get to know these two. The wedding day was so beautiful.  I loved during the father speech when he mentioned that he couldn’t imagine Thomas not being a part of his life because he feels like he helped raise him. I thought that was so nice and also pretty neat to have known your future son in law so well that you helped shape and mold him! 🙂   We had a gorgeous day.  Lauren is very organized and that helped everything to run smoothly.  There was always someone that knew what was going to happen next and preparing.  I loved the shoe game, that is always a riot and everyone has fun watching the two try to match their guesses.  We ended the night with a breath-taking sunset.  So happy to be a part of this day with these two wonderful people. Wishing you many more years of happiness!!
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