Grand Haven Weddings | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography:  Well we are down to the last two weddings of 2015.  It has been quite a year with 28 weddings! What a full season.  We have met lots of great people and shared in a lot of special memories! Cody and Kim were another super sweet and awesome couple.  I am so excited for them both!  My husband also had the honor of helping them buy a house!  They got married at Harvest Bible Church in Spring Lake and then headed over to The Harbourfront for their reception.  Kim and Cody met through youth group at their church!  I think that is so cool. They were both so excited to get married.  The day was magical with lots of dancing and laughing!  Wishing you both many, many more magical years together!! xoxoxoBinnendyk-8450Binnendyk-8484Binnendyk-8400blakeley-1009blakeley-8287blakeley-8297blakeley-8349blakeley-8358blakeley-8390blakeley-1046blakeley-1055blakeley-8406blakeley-1097blakeley-1134blakeley-1182blakeley-1313blakeley-1299blakeley-8476blakeley-8456blakeley-8486blakeley-8509blakeley-8624blakeley-8558blakeley-8657blakeley-8940blakeley-1374blakeley-8995blakeley-8996blakeley-9024blakeley-9020blakeley-9030blakeley-9044blakeley-9096blakeley-9088blakeley-9111blakeley-9118blakeley-1533blakeley-1472blakeley-1466blakeley-9266blakeley-9263blakeley-9270blakeley-9493blakeley-9280blakeley-9346blakeley-9441blakeley-9337


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