West Michigan Lakeshore Wedding Photographer | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography: Seriously! We could not have asked for a better  November day! It was beautiful.  We had picture perfect weather the whole day and night, ending with some gorgeous sunsets.  Kim and Mark and all their friends were so much fun to work with. They all cooperated so quickly we had plenty of time to just hang out and have fun before the reception!  The wedding was at St Patrick’s Church with Father Bill. He is so good at what he does. I always enjoy listening to his messages.  Then we went to a park for some pictures and then headed over to the Harbourfront Place for the reception.  They had a man that rolled Cuban cigars for a few hours in the night and everyone seemed to enjoy that very much.  Kim is so sweet to remember me to photograph her wedding! I photographed her best friends wedding about four year ago!  Where does the time go?  I was so blessed to be a part of your day!  See you in town!! xoxoxo!!!  wolters-9781wolters-1773wolters-9734wolters-9885wolters-9896wolters-9902wolters-9949wolters-9979wolters-9981wolters-0102wolters-0127wolters-0759wolters-0599wolters-0678wolters-0641wolters-0729wolters-0615wolters-0513wolters-0556wolters-0551wolters-0426wolters-0594wolters-0605wolters-0440wolters-0372wolters-0346wolters-0300wolters-0318wolters-2326wolters-2331wolters-1002wolters-0916wolters-0852wolters-0856wolters-0830wolters-0845wolters-0872wolters-0959wolters-1033wolters-1086wolters-1073wolters-1252wolters-1308wolters-1224wolters-1277wolters-1338wolters-1028wolters-0284


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