Watermark Country Club | Jamie May Photography

By Jamie May Photography: Rain, rain go away!  Some days are like that. I was so thrilled that despite the weather we had a fantastic day with Ben and Abby. First off, these two are so pleasant and fun to be around.  I love Ben’s sense of humor.  And Abby’s gentle, kind spirit.  They made us feel like part of the family all day!  They also picked out a beautiful venue, Watermark Country Club, that helped make the pictures awesome, even though the weather never cooperated.  I love the venue. There is an  open floor plan with lots of windows. In addition, the venue has a great space to work with outside in the rain!  Another benefit after photographing over a 100 weddings is that we are ready for any challenge that may come our way.  I am so happy for Ben and Abby. They first connected at a Ranch that their families have been going to for years.  I think over 9/10ths of the wedding guest were from this place! The sense of community was awesome.  There were so many touching moments throughout the night, including the ‘best man’ speech.  I definitely got choked up and had tears at that point!!!  Wishing you both  many more happy years!!!! x0x0x0x


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