What Are Little Girls Made Of? Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice | Jamie May Photography

by Jamie May Photography:   The kids and I were walking through the woods a few weeks ago, and I loved the feeling of Spring in the air.  The trees were starting to bloom and the hope of new life was approaching. More often then not, I am the photographer that doesn’t take time to go the extra mile to take pictures of my own children.  I have so much editing and hours of pictures to look  through so it usually is a very simple picture of my kids.  Shelby is starting to get so old and I knew I only had a brief window left to capture her being playful and having fun. I decided to ask her best friend, Adayla to do a photo session with me.   I had in mind the woods, a tea party, flower crowns and the theme what are little girls made of.  I first went to Skeeter at Eastern Floral to ask him to make me these gorgeous crowns for their hair, the other flowers, and streamers  needed for the photo shoot.  He also decorated the cake with flowers that we got from Ryke’s Bakery and Catering.   Then I asked  an awesome company, named Add-Vintage.com to help me with the decorations and styling.  Hair Design was by Karrie Hutchinson of Rubies Salon, my good friend.  Lastly, I bought the outfits after a lot of debate at Old Navy.  Everything was coming together!!   We found the perfect location and I will let the pictures speak for themselves  to show all the UNBELIEVABLE TALENT of all the vendors involved!!  Thanks everyone for making this vision happen over and beyond anything I could have done on my own. (on a side note: if you want to style you photo session, add-vintage and I have come up with a package to make this happen for you, we will help with the whole process, email me for details)


what little girls are made of? sugar and spice

what little girls are made of? sugar and spice

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Newborn Pictures



Little sweeties!  I love how much personality this little girl has!




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Newborn Session – Jamie May Photography



This winter I have been able to photograph babies!   So cute!!!  I often forget how little babies are.  This little girl was premature so she was only around 5lbs.  She was a great model for us. Her  mom had a bunch of cute hats for her!Newborn Pictures blog baby9 baby blog 6 blog baby4 blog baby session grand haven

Photographer in West Michigan – Jamie May


I have been so busy that I have not been able to post in awhile. In the last few weeks, I have been swamped with photo sessions and wedding bookings!  All very exciting, but nonetheless making me behind in a lot of other things, such as blogging!   Now that I am all caught up on pictures, I am going to work on some samples: Christmas cards, save the dates, thank yous, and maybe some other products that I have available for samples.


Below are the some of my favorites from the sessions I have been doing.


Back to School Pictures – J.May Photo and Design

Talk about tons of kids!  We had so much fun for the back school picture event!  The kids all did great and moms were there to help get the great smiles!    Thank you so much, seriously, beautiful, WONDERFUL children!!

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West Michigan Photographer – www.jamiemay.com



Prettiest mom in Grand Haven = beautiful kids!  We had a wonderful time taking pictures at the beach this week. These ages are so fun because we were just having fun which makes for some nice photos!  This was the last mini-beach session, which was an excellent deal because I can never narrow them down – so everyone was able to view a ton of pictures!!!  I am amazed at how many I can take in a 1/2 hour.  I do love that the kids looked at me as we were leaving and said, “This was FUN!!”  🙂  Thanks Reyna!!


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Grand Haven Photographer – www.jamiemay.com

We had so much fun with this cutie pie.  It is such a fun age!  There are so many good ones to chose from. I think I am sending over 80 or more images. I just can’t pick!  I figured mom will know what she likes better than me!   It was so neat to just focus on her and get some really great photos!   Thanks Becki – she is a keeper!!  And I so appreciate your down to earth nature!  It is refreshing!!