Grand Haven Family Photographer – Jamie May Photography

I was so happy to see Carter again! He is such a cutie pie and Leigh always dresses him so cute!!  What a great family!  We had a fun time blowing bubbles and hanging out at Central Park in Grand Haven!   Thanks for letting me watch Carter grow! I feel so blessed to be a part of your memories!!





Grand Rapids Photographer – Jamie May

Here is what else I have been up too!

Photographer in West Michigan – Jamie May


I have been so busy that I have not been able to post in awhile. In the last few weeks, I have been swamped with photo sessions and wedding bookings!  All very exciting, but nonetheless making me behind in a lot of other things, such as blogging!   Now that I am all caught up on pictures, I am going to work on some samples: Christmas cards, save the dates, thank yous, and maybe some other products that I have available for samples.


Below are the some of my favorites from the sessions I have been doing.


Family Session – Photographer Jamie May

We had a beautiful night for pictures and I was happy to leave my house after Michigan lost to Michigan State. Not that I could care less either way, but it sure made for one irritable husband.

These boys sure were cute and photogenic!   I had a wonderful time and thank you so much for calling me to take your family pictures!!

Thanks Molly!


~off to play with Peter and maybe attempt a run on the treadmill!

Jamie May Photography – Photographer in Michigan

OH! I am so behind on my post that I am just going to do a grouping of what I have been doing!!  The wonderful weather has made me enjoy fall like no other time.  I feel like usually I am watching the leaves change from my window because it is rainy and cold.  But this year we got a week and a half stretch of the most perfect weather.

I have been blessed with lots of business.  More than I am use to, which has meant a lot of late, late nights for me!  I am so glad I love what I do!! I sure hope it shows through the work that I do.  I care so much about each families pictures and the quality of their picture!

Here are  a few samples of a few session — to all the families — THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HIRING ME AS YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER!!!

Can you guess what we saw at Duncan Woods — deer — Tons of deer.  I thought this picture was cute because of the dad and boy pointing at the same time!! 🙂

They were showing me their muscles!  Too cute!!

I just love this picture and his expression!  Too funny.

There are more from this session — check me out on facebook — link on the bottom.

Another wonderful session that was a gift for this lovely family —

Oh my gosh – they are such a cute family.  I thought dad looked like he could be related to me 🙂  He reminds me of one of my uncles.

And MacKayla could be a model – she is so photogenic and was always posing herself perfect!

Again check out more on facebook — and remember to LIKE my business to help support the growth of it!!

you may remember this little baby from an earlier session this year! She is growing to be a cute little pumpkin!!  🙂

Her eyes are so blue in this picture!

Check out more on facebook…

The next family you may recognize from earlier this year too!   Angie has such an amazing props to bring along and it makes for great pictures!  I love that she cares so much about them and puts in the effort.  It makes me even more excited about them!!

so many more cute ones!  I think all these families have about 100 or more pictures to sort through and choose from. I like to give everyone lots of options!

This last session was the on the back to school session — alittle late.  I was able to meet her at the beach since I was having a session there.  He is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!


I may have more but have to go pick up kids now!!!

Have a great weeekend!!!!

Muskegon Photographer at Hoffmaster – Jamie May Photography

The campground was in full swing this weekend at Hoffmaster Park.  I was surprised being so late in the year.  We are having a warm week and it shows.  There were people on the beach and everything!   I got connected with Susan and her family through a friend/client.  I was so excited she called for my services.  Her family is so sweet.  Very nice kids, which completely cracked me up when they wanted to do a photo replica of one that I did earlier in the week with small children.  We had a great time and got some great pictures!

Thanks Susan!! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did.

Family Photography – Jamie May Photography

We had a beautiful day!  I have never been to this location before and we had a blast. There was a ton of cool things to take pictures by.   This is one of my favorite families since they are one of our long time friends!  I just love them so much and I am so thankful for them!

Cranes Orchard – Photographer – Jamie May Photography

We had a crazy day. It was pouring rain on the way down to Fennville.  My friend, praying all the way down for the rain to stop for just one hour.  And by golly, it did!

I love that they brought some props to add some color!  that is so helpful to me and I think it makes the pictures even more interesting.  This is the first time I have been to Cranes and it was beautiful.  We enjoyed some Cedar and Doughnuts since my assistant for the day needed a big thank you.  She is sweet to let me pay her and doughnuts and cedar. aka my daughter 🙂

Thanks Melissa and Ben and family.

It was so nice to meet you!!

Fall Pictures – Jamie May Photography | Grand Haven Photographer

We had a sunny, warm morning in Sept at the beach.  The water didn’t even feel too cold!  We had a great time taking pictures.  What a beautiful family.  They are all tall with blue eyes.

The little girl was so creative and had a ton of wonderful ideas.  We were having a lot of fun with pictures!!

The sun made for some vibrant colors, and WOW was that lighthouse RED, RED this time!  There has been other times where I can’t even tell it is red.

Thanks Errin!   So happy that you called me to photograph your family!!

Family Photography – Grand Haven Photographer





I am behind on blogging lately.  I had to send in my laptop for repair, which led to buying another computer.  I think it is true when they say plan on 10% more than you buy because it always leads to something else:  such as a desk for the computer, a printer and software.

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago.  This is an adorable family and what a cute little boy.  He is younger than my Pete and he is bigger, which never surprises me!   We had a beautiful day and had a lot of fun.

Thanks Emily and by the way I have the glasses. Don’t let me forget to give them to you!


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